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牧山亮 / bass

牧山亮 / bass

バス 「ブリント」

大分県立芸術文化短期大学、東京藝術大学を卒業。卒業時に同声会賞を受賞。同大学院オペラ専攻修士課程を修了。幻の作曲家 内本喜夫の研究がライフワーク。宗次エンジェル基金/公社日本演奏連盟奨学生。ロンドンにおいてコンテンポラリーオペラの演奏を行い、絶賛される。作曲家エルンスト・クルシェネクのオペラ《信じること、その値段は》を自身が代表を務めるABQにおいて日本初演。

Graduated from Oita Junior College of Arts and Culture and Tokyo University of the Arts. Upon graduation, he received the Doseikai Prize. Completed the master's course in opera at the same university. His life's work is the study of Yoshio Uchimoto, a composer of visionary works. He is a recipient of the Munetsugu Angel Fund and the Japan Federation of Musicians' Association. Performed contemporary opera in London to great acclaim. He has performed the Japan premiere of composer Ernst Kruschenek's opera "Believe, That's the Price" at ABQ, of which he is the president.

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